Free full-length movies on YouTube

Sorry if this is old news, but I never knew this until now…

YouTube actually has a lot of high quality, full-length free movies.

This’ll come in handy during my next flight!

Looks interesting but 6 out of 10 movies picked at random results in:

[I]This video is not available in your country.[/I]

Maybe most of them are only available in the US?

I cannot remember the details, but there was a news story about how youtube is trying to become more like hulu with licensed television and movies. They are in negotiations with a couple of movie studios if I’m not mistaken.

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2270494]Maybe most of them are only available in the US?[/QUOTE]Oh, no, Drage, they’re just not available in Denmark.

[QUOTE=Icy Mt.;2271436]Oh, no, Drage, they’re just not available in Denmark.[/QUOTE] Bummer! I am thwarted! :eek: :doh:

Very few movies are available to watch. No favourite movie here, and not run in my country. so ur info is useless. but thanks to tell.

I dont get it; do you have to register with youtube to actually watch these movies? Because being not logged in, i can not get even one to start.

Location shows as worldwide, unless they check the ip.

I don’t know if signing in makes a difference. As I said above, most movies are not available in my country (Denmark).

Here’s some that are available: (The Incredible Hulk Returns) (Animal Farm) (Night of the Living Dead)

I live in the US so I can’t test this .I read it on an Austrailian site(I don’t remember the name).I was looking for some other information & happen to read it.
I think it amounts to a proxy server that fools web sites to thinking a computer is in the US.