Free Firewalls

Anyone know of a decent free firewall that’ll play nice with BitTorrent?

Sygate Personal Firewall

Can’t go past Sygate Personal Firewall. I used to use it when I ran Windows.

been using it for 2yrs now it rocks :iagree:

Kerio 2.1.5 for instance

Yep, I would go for Kerio!

I liked this one best very easy to set up.


both good choices. since you asked for FREE, use these 2 comparison tables to see which one best fits your needs:

Sygate Personal Firewall (Pro versus Free)

Kerio Firewall Full versus Limited

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How about configuring your firewall?

That should be taken care of for the most part here.

For specific Bit Torrent applications you should find the necessary information here.

I know how to configure it but it’s ZoneAlarm 5.0 which is know for having trouble with BT regardless of how you set it up.

Since I don’t use software firewalls, I can only refer you.

Many have said that posts in the Zone Alarm forums would indicate that the products do not work with Bit Torrent. The free version of Zone Alarm certainly does not support it

Some have posted that the Pro version of Zone Alarm facilitates port forwarding and should work with Bit Torrent Clients and Opening Ports in the Zone Alarm Pro would appear to support that theory.

Be sure to properly configure the listening ports on the Bit Torrent client before configuring Zone Alarm Pro.

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I would also vote for either Sygate or Kerio. However, Sygate tends to be more of a resource hog. Outpost is also highly regarded and uses very little resource from what I hear.