Free encrypted mail service ProtonMail comes out of beta



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The free secure email service ProtonMail has come out of beta today and is now available for everyone. The service does not show advertisements, to generate revenue a paid subscription with additional features is available.

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I like the idea of open source as it makes sure there are no back doors and in a world where spying on the net is a government [I]hobby[/I] seemingly worldwide, services like this should be applauded to regain privacy for at least your mail. I mean, did they open our snail-mail letters back in the day? Is it more acceptable that they open our electronic mail?


Long-overdue efforts like this absolutely must be applauded. I do wish current e-mail providers would offer encryption of their own, preferably by default. Of course, there’s always the next best thing, encrypting your own emails. There are ways to do this on any e-mail provider using Thunderbird, EnigMail (an add-on for Thunderbird), GNU Privacy Guard. The Free Software Foundation has a guide explaining how to set up your own e-mail encryption.