Free (& easy) Ipod converting

[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod Classic (80GB, silver). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi - my daughter wants to watch some movies on her Ipod. I usually use DVD Fab 3 (free version) - it converts the files into some format that the Ipod conversion software doesn’t seem to recognize. What’s the easiest way (hopefully freeware) to do this? Many thanks!!! Deca:flower:

You might look at Videora also:

Thanks guys - First of all the program Pernundel suggested wouldn’t even install properly on my pc. As for Videora - I tried that & a couple others & had relatively the same problem - so let’s take it 1 by 1 - maybe I’m doing something bone-headed. 1) I am using DVD Fab 3 to rip the movie - gives me a folder comprised of several types of sub files - Is DVD Fab’s methods compatible with Ipod converters or should I use a different ripping program. 2) If in fact DVD Fab is OK to use - when I try to place the ripped file into the converter - once I do & click on “Open” - I always get error messages when I try to get the Ipod converter to do it’s work. Either it says the file is not found or not recognized etc. If I try to input the folders sub files I only seem to get bits & pieces of the movie - and certainly doesn’t appear to be the proper way to do this. Thanks again!!! Deca

I usually use DVD Fab 3 (free version)

try the trial of dvdfab 5 dvd to mobile option, its free for 30 days.

if after 30 days you are not sold on dvdfab 5, i still suggest using the dvdfab decrypter version 5 to copy to hard drive and then use handbrake for conversions.

Hi Troy 512 ~ a [I]zillion[/I] thanks for your help - this Handbrake program worked perfectly - and sooo simple too!!! My best! D

I suggest you all go to and subscribe to their daily alerts. This site offers free registered commercial software - the only condition is you have to install it the same day it is offered.
And yes, very often they offer video converters. For ipod, choose .mp4 file tipe.

I am looking to sync Dvdvs to my ipod as well. If I have DVD Decrypter and then use handbrake is that all I need?