Free, easy, copyprotection passing DVD ripping software?

anyone know where i can find some?


Dvd Shrink

Go to for decryption and if you can find DVD Decrypter anywhere, that actually rips to the HDD which is very useful.

DVD Decrypter

don’t use the DVD43 form this site as it looks to be an older version

i thought for newer dvd’s, dvd decrypter dont work anymore?

whats the deal with this… someone give me the basic rundown on what one would need (for dvd’s with the newest copy protection) to rip a dvd to hdd in order to manipulate the data any way you want to.

could i use ANYDVD along with dvd decrypter? … or is other tools needed.

thanks for your time :wink:

p.s. im not trying to hi-jack this thread just wanted the basic rundown since it’s been a while since i had to rip a dvd to hdd cause all the dvd’s i have are a little old which dvd decrypter works perfect… but i heard that newer dvd’s 2005-2006ish dvd decrypter cant decrypt them.

yes, anydvd would be a good program for this, as it even has it’s own ripper in it, or you can just leave it running in the background and make an ISO with DVDD and burn it with the same or IMGBURN for DL disks or shrink it to fit a SL disk with another program, clonedvd2 will do all this in one step (sort of).

Although DVD Decrypter won’t work with some of the newer versions of things, having an on-the-fly decrypter working with it such as AnyDVD or DVD43 means that DVD Decrypter’s decryption ability doesn’t matter. I still always use Decrypter just to rip then tidy up like taking warning trailers and such out, not as an actual decryption tool (AnyDVD does that for me).

Dvd Decrypter and Dvd Shrink will still work fine with just about anything if you use this little freeware gem. :smiley: :clap:

thanks for the replys everyone, i appreciate it :wink:

im definately going to give that RipIt4Me program a try as im sure it will be nice and since it’s free, so i cant go wrong there … hopefully this is the next “dvd decrypter” when it comes to decrypting dvd’s… only time will tell.