Free DVDVob2Mpg converts VOB files to working MPEG movies

We’ve just posted the following news: Free DVDVob2Mpg converts VOB files to working MPEG movies[newsimage][/newsimage]

With the free tool DVDVob2Mpg it’s possible to convert a VOB file into a working MPEG movie. The software is developed by friend of the site and Isobuster developer Peter van Hove.

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Something like this would have been useful to me 10 years ago. Who uses mpeg any more?

Lots of people still use mpeg video. Since hard drives have become larger, and file sizes less relevant, it is a simple matter to take your dvd movies and put them straight onto the hard drive without compression or conversion.

Many do this with MakeMKV and put the mpeg video into mkv file containers these days however, since MakeMKV can decrypt, rip and put the video into this new container all in one step.

And most video enthusiasts have been using another tool called Vob2Mpg for years. It has similar function to this tool from von Hove. There is a free version of Vob2Mpg also. But Vob2Mpg hasn’t been updated for a while, and is a bit crippled in Windows 8. It only works in IFO mode for me in Windows 8. I have to wonder if this new tool is better in that operating system.

I downloaded & installed Free DVDVob2Mpg . Everything seemed to go well.
I haven’t tested it yet.
Like Kerry I use Vob2Mpg That’s been around for a long time. It usually works well.
So when I have time I will test DVDVob2Mpg & probably against Vob2Mpg on the same file. To see what the difference is.
One reason I will give it a try is because it is from IsoBuster .
I have IsoBuster Pro v 2.5 (registered).
Since the upgrade to v 3 wasn’t free I decided not to upgrade.
So far this hasn’t been a problem as v 2.5 has done everything I’ve needed it to.
If there is ever a problem I have that I think v 3 will do that 2.5 won’t I may upgrade. There is a 30% discount for already registered version 2’s . That is not enough for me.

Zzyzxroad, the point is its not doing any conversion, its just taking the MPEG2 video and wrapping it in a different file container. Unfortunately .mpg files can only store stereo soundtrack. I imagine the MKV solution allows multi-track audio (5.1…)

Just tested this thing and it seems pretty much useless in its current form. It can only import one vob file at a time, which means you cannot combine the vobs and get the entire movie as your output in mpeg format with this tool.

It does work quickly, and there doesn’t seem to be any incompatibility with Windows 8.

Be careful of the installer, as there seems to be one add-on set by default that you have to see and opt out of.

cholla, your license is good for all 2.x versions, so why not use 2.8 instead of 2.5 ?
Just a thought.


Kerry56, I’m sorry you think it’s useless. It was designed to fix VOB files. So whatever VOB file you want to fix, you ‘load’ into the program and ‘fix’.

Of course you can join VOB files first to one big file, if that is what you want.
Just use (in a DOS box)
copy /b file1.vob+file2.vob+file3.vob+file4.vob result.vob
I’m sure the syntax makes sense ?

But it’s something to consider for a future version.

cholla, your license is for all 2.x versions, so why not get 2.8 instead of sticking with 2.5 ? Just a thought.

Get it here:

I hope this helps ?

If I wanted to use one tool to merge and convert vobs to an mpeg file, I would use Vob2Mpg, not this new tool which requires two steps.

I could also use VobMerge first, before using this new tool, but that is two steps again.

The only thing going for this new tool, DVDVob2Mpg, is the fact that it seems to work with no issues in Windows 8.

Vob files by themselves are rarely useful as individual pieces of a dvd-video. They are arbitrarily split into 1gb divisions within the movie, and therefore it doesn’t make sense to try to work with them as separate files.

It was designed for people who recover (or copy) VOB files from their home made DVDs. In particular when these VOB files don’t play well or don’t ‘work’ properly when used to master new Video DVDs from. In particular that last issue sparked its conception. All too often Video mastering software has issues with VOB files that were copied off a disc. Cleaning them up to pure MPG files fixes that issue. At the end of the day the video software then does the joining etc.

I made something dead-simple for people in this situation. So that they don’t have to learn more complex programs and understand the ins and outs of them.

But it would make a nice feature for a future version. It’s just something I didn’t consider yet.

Thanks for the info on this IsoBuster and it’s great to hear directly from the author of both those programs. :cool:

I can see a use for this program in certain circumstances and certainly I don’t think anyone can argue with the price! :slight_smile:


Although my experience is some like Kerry’s.
If this program is able to do some cleaning of a difficult .vob I will keep it in my tool box .
Who knows a movie full of vobs that doesn’t work anothr way might work when all the vobs are processed seperately with this software.
Not something I would like to do but whatever works.

Thanks Wombler. And of course this is a first version. I can always build on it, eventhough it’s not my main focus (Obviously IsoBuster is … working on a new version and dvdvob2mpg functionality will actually be integrated in IsoBuster as well).

Good to hear cholla. That’s all it’s meant to do. Help in cases where it ‘can’ help. That’s all. I’m not planning to take over the world with this app :slight_smile:

Just a heads up …
I found some time and made a new version (still in Beta)

[QUOTE=IsoBuster;2703601]cholla, your license is for all 2.x versions, so why not get 2.8 instead of sticking with 2.5 ?

Get it here: [/QUOTE]

@ IsoBuster ,
I did this .Thanks .

I also downloaded ,installed & tested the new beta of DVDVob2Mpg .
I used a complete vobset from a movie . The resulting .mpg file played fine on my PC media players & also on my TV via USB from a flash drive.

I consider the multiple .vobs input capability a major improvement.

[QUOTE=cholla;2723504]I consider the multiple .vobs input capability a major improvement.[/QUOTE]

Good news, thanks !

Excellent news. Glad to see the improvements.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2723517]Excellent news. Glad to see the improvements.[/QUOTE]

Indeed. :iagree:

It’s a very useful program too.


I’d say mpeg 2 is very much alive for DVD creation especially where MPEG4 would be over the top with a BD burner required for set top video. In my case that’s home movies from a standard DV camera , archived TV recordings on VHS tape to DVD-RW .

I then need to crop my DVD’s but none of the numerous Video Converters I’ve tried imports VOB files accurately.

DVDVob2Mpg (beta) I’m pleased to say was an exception : successfully imported a DVD VOB set of files, converting them to MPEG 2, keeping the quality of the original. This will now allow me to import them into a Video Converter for editing (those with a crop facility essential) reducing encoding losses to a minimum. That’s good news for me. To the developer- Excellent work !