Free dvd to mpg conversion program?




I have downloaded tons of these programs and they either do not work, or they are trial and don’t let me convert enough of what I want!

I want to convert a dvd (i have it) into mpg, do you guys know a free program that can do this for me? What i need to convert is only 9 minutes long… most of the other programs i downloaded only let me convert 3 minutes.

can you help please? thanks


Try this one: Vob2Mpeg

You’ll need Net 2.0 as well, but that is a free download from Microsoft.


Hey thanks very much. I’ve just downloaded it, extracted the file… installed it, and now I’m currently converting it. Hopefully it’ll work :wink:

Thanks Kerry56 :bow: .


whoops sorry i forgot to mention in my original post that I also need a audio ripper… because I want to rip the end credits (audio only) because it wasn’t on the soundtrack… same as my other requirements (free, unlimited ripping [only 9 minutes] ) please. also i want the finished product to be a WMA file. thanks

oh and btw kerry, the program you told me worked, and for that i thank you


Getting the audio from the end credits might take a few steps. What I would do would be to get just the end credits as a separate file by using DVDShrink in reauthor mode and manually select the section you want. That would work if you are cutting it out of the dvd. Convert to mpeg to import to TMPGenc.

If you are cutting it out of the mpeg2 file you’ve already made, I’d use VideoReDo. There is a free, fully functional trial of VideoRedo available for download. VideoReDo also works with dvd files (vobs) but you have to combine them into one stream.

Next step would be to demux the resulting file—separating the video and audio streams. This can be done pretty easily with TMPGenc. Go to File, Mpeg Tools, Simple Demux.

The result would be an audio file, probably in ac3 or pcm format which you can now convert to wma. I never work with wma files though, so you’re on your own for a converter. Look over at on conversion tools. I’m pretty sure SUPER will do this type of conversion, but I’ve never done it myself.

Here are a few links:


DVDShrink and guides



The SUPER website is one of the most annoying on the net, but you will get to a download site eventually.

With the exception of VideoReDo, all of these are free.

The first step, cutting the video out, might not be necessary if the end credits are already in a file of their own, which is quite possible.


For the true conversion the program has to have the right plugins and for that you have to be willing to pay the price for it, is not free.