Free DVD SW Download

Is there a free download to burn software? I believe I have a *.ICO file that is like a zipped file (Win Server 2003) that I need to move to dvd before I can install it. The burner I bought was to have come with Nero, but the disc is missing.

Perhaps you had an *.ISO file (not *.ICO which is an icon file)?

You can burn many types of CD/DVD “image” files with the free and excellent ImgBurn program.

A disc “image” is a file containing the entire filesystem structure of a disc, including files and folders. An ISO file is the most common disc image format.

Check post below

Correct *.ISO. Thank you.

File extension: .ico
MIME type: image/
Uniform Type Identifier:
Developed by: Microsoft
Type of format: icon graphics file format
Try winzip or the free 7-zip and see if you can unpack the files then you can use a burning app to put them to a disk.