FREE DVD Media? (after rebate)

I (almost) never make a buying decision based on MIRs. (Mail in Rebates) I am disorganized and forgetful, buy swear that half of my problem getting back rebates is due to the companys offering the rebates. I think I am about 50% on rebates. One time the salesman misrepresented a rebate on a camcorder, another time the retailer said I the product was not eligible even though I saw it in the paper. In all cases I bought the item based on its price before MIR, and didn’t care too much.

Also, anyone who thinks a check promised in 6-12 weeks, IF YOU JUMP THROUGH SAID HOOPS, is worth near its face value is a fool.

Give the OP some credits, good find

If it’s MIJ then that is a great deal.

Not to get off topic but what about the deal with the 100 Linkyo DVD-R’s?

Video help says they are TYG02, I suppose they are fake at that price but has anyone tried them??

I was going to order some with my Philips 16x dvd’s but I didn’t .

You don’t need to suppose, they are NOT TY, they just hijacked the media code. Most people who used them were not happy, especially now when you can get genuine TY for $30, saving $3 and getting crap makes no sense.

$6.64 shipping for 20 dvds… that makes them 33¢ after rebate… i have paid 32¢ out the door including tax before. in fact 8.09 for 25 of them is pretty close to my best price

I just wish we could confirm which manufacturer they were before ordering.