Free DVD Burner with purchase of Fuji Media

Best Buy is giving away a free 8X Dynex burner with a purchase of 100 ct Fuji Branded DVD +/- R media. 79.99


BTC drive i believe

Is the BTC drive worth it? Anyone know for sure what type it is?

Don’t you have enough burners already ? :iagree:

g :slight_smile:

BTC is worthless. So you’re paying $80 for a 100 pack of Fuji 4x +R, which is a 100 pack of RICOHJPNR01. You could get a 100 pack of Ricoh R01 for less than $40 from Newegg. So you’re overpaying $40 for the media… and getting a BTC burner (worth far less than $40, IMHO). Not what I’d call a good deal, if you ask me.

I knew there had to be a catch!

BTC is branded as many different Writers including Emprex. I have used the 4X emprex and am currently using 2 8x BTC branded drives with no issues. Updated to the current firmware and have burnt well over 400-500 DVD-R’s with these drives with maybe 1-3 failures. Have had no problems burning at 8x and have had no problems with the media playing on Xbox or sony, memorex or Mintek dvd players. I am also using a Toshiba 8X drive and really see no difference withthe BTC drives and trust the BTC’s to write my media.

enchanter1 I think you are lucky,i tried 3 and one would do -R well but that was all,Many people hate them but a hell of a lot of people love then,perhaps it was the batch or just a bad shipment but i know people (many) that have retruned them you have had the best luck of any one i have herd of 3 and they all worked cool

A neighbor of mine just bought one of these and asked me to install it for him.
It was indeed a BTC 1108.
I did a test disc in CD Speed of a RICOHJPNR02 @ 8x.
Quite high PI rates 400ish. Didn’t save the scans.
The drive was able to read the disc (smooth transfer graph)
All green on the scan disc.
I wouldn’t buy this drive however.

If he had come to me first I would have steered him to a BenQ :wink: