Free Dvd-9

Newegg is offering a free DVD-9 when you purchase a 50 pack of Ritek for 38.99. Don’t know if this is a great deal or not but thought that I would throw it out there. here
I also checked the videohelp DVDMedia list and it stated that the Ritek were

wrong dvdmedia list. SORRY. Click here.

This seems like a hell of a deal and a way for some to get a chance to try out their drive on DL. We put it up on the news page, so hopefully we will get some input from others on this.

Thanks for the heads up. :bow:

it sounds like a great deal so i’m ordering my pack today. i have a game that i need to backup and it’s bigger than 4.7GB. i’ll give some feedback later this week.

lol i didnt know cdfreaks had this … yeah i already ordered this earlier last week, they come with a free DL disc, its teal and silver, but it looks like it only burns at 2.4X because it has a big 2.4X on the side lol … 240 minutes/8.5 gig WOW … also it is RW … thats awesome, oh and by the way, RIDATA is the best media out there hands down for this price! go newegg

That’s the speed so far for dual layer - 2.4x.

This was posted in the media forum nearly two weeks ago:

It has also been posted about in the DL media thread here in the bargain basement.

As a warning about the new Ritek disc type: the RITEK-D01-01 media code is not well-supported. NEC has not released a firmware that will burn this media (though Herrie apparently has a non-public test version that, AFAIK, uses the RICOHJPN-D00-01 strategy). LiteOn users must use VS0A or later. There have already been a number of people who have coastered this disc because their firmware does not properly support it.

In the future please post great deals you find in the CD Freaks Bargain Basement

urr…moved as I responed

I’ll try to keep a better eye on it here and then we can let everyone know the latest deals quicker on the news. If Code65536 and other knowledgeable people can keep us informed about compatibility or discussions in the media forum like he just did here and in the news reactions, it would be great. That way we can get the right media for our drives whilst saving some money. Looks like the DL is getting out and maybe we will see an increase in bargains in the coming weeks. :slight_smile: