Free Dr. Pepper for all Americans

If you like Dr. Pepper, live in America, and want it for free, check it out! :iagree::cool:

Too bad Dr. Pepper tastes like prune juice to me. Its not terrible, just not what I’d go out of my way to get…even for free.

Thanks for the heads up anyway. Let us know when they’re handing out free samples of Samuel Adams beer. :slight_smile:

Free samples of Sam Adams?! Blah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not the biggest fan of Dr. Pepper, but if I have the coupon with me when I go grocery shopping, I may pick up a free bottle. :slight_smile:

Dr. Pepper like a cherry coke but not as good.

Jamerson will be all over this, I bet. :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2161169]Jamerson will be all over this, I bet. :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

You know it.:doh:

Is their a limit? Anyone who has no plans to use their 20oz allotment, please send your coupon to me. Thanks in advance.:bigsmile:

I like GUN’S N ROSES,but I think I will pass on their
DR.PEPPER offer. I am more on a grape soda kick
right now.

I know Dr. Pepper is based on Prunes but I have to admit, every 10 years or so, I really enjoy one.

so who scored a coupon… when i clicked the link…it was a white page of NOTHING

thier servers are crazy bogged or something… it’s loading for me, but realllllly slow