Free downloads of Beethoven receive over 600,000 requests



I just posted the article Free downloads of Beethoven receive over 600,000 requests.

   Ludwig Von Beethoven, was born in 1770, in the town  of Bonn, the son of court tenor and musician, Johann van Beethoven. At the age of  eight, he gave his first public...
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awesome! anyone got a bit torrent of the entire show (since apparently they are free legal music downloads…)


Beethoven is so pop smirks


How long till the RIAA claims they have rights over this and sue the BBC? hehehe :wink:


I downloaded one track almost a fortnight ago, only to find that the mp3 was encoded at 128 kbs CBR :r


Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart, etc music are all free . No corporation or anyone (including the author’s descendants) can claim copyright on these works as they have aged > 100 years. These music are free! That’s why no one has ever been charged for downloading old classical music…


I know…meant it as a joke.


Ahh the classics. Goes quite nicely with Photo Slideshow DVDs!


that’s not quite true icepax, the performer (or typically some record label) of a work has the copyright for the recorded version it, not the composer and there aren’t that many copies around of Beethoven playing his stuff himself


They cant do anything, music copyright in the UK runs out after 50 years at which point it moves in to the public domain and you can legaly do anything you like with it including selling it.


You’re right, twit! Forgot about that :B