FREE Download of Corel Paint Shop Pro X Software


FREE Download of Corel Paint Shop Pro X Software

Corel is offering a FREE download of Corel Paint Shop Pro X software. This is not a demo or lite version, this is a full copy with no activation needed.

Note: You will receive frequent “reminders” to upgrade your copy for $50.


You’re quite welcome:

I’ve been playing around with the “reminder” options and there are settings to limit the frequency of the reminders (daily, weekly, monthly). You can also use your firewall software to limit program access (I’ll see if it is willing to run with access to the internet blocked).

Hello, Jeff :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this very useful info :clap:

You’re THE MAN jeff53404 :iagree: :clap: :cool:

The program does not like to have the “reminder” setting changed and it ignores any attempt to change it.

Oh well, the price is right.

No luck here…

Besides navigating through the gauntlet of “buy” or “upgrade now” and other nags and giving them my email address, it did not activate on my platform and won’t launch without immediate purchase or my entering the license code.

Thanks anyway, it was worth a shot.

EDIT: Uninstalled it, re-downloaded it in case first one was corrupt, carefully reinstalled it and encountered same problem.

Thanks, Jeff. I got it, no problems.

Thanks jeff53404, I downloaded and installed a copy, Now I just hope I need it for something.

Thanks jeff53504,


Is this program similar to Paint program in Windows, or what are some its possible uses?

[QUOTE=bevills1;2256569]Is this program similar to Paint program in Windows, or what are some its possible uses?[/QUOTE]

Before you download, there is an opportunity to see it in action.

It now states the offer has expired at the link.

direct link, since the original one is expired


there is a way to remove nag, but when i post it here, it changes part of it to ***** insted of whats needed

Do you know what the extras are in second link of post #14?

no, i sure dont, sorry…

Studmonkey, would it be ok to contact you by PM, or email to find out how to eliminate the nag messages?
Thanks for your time.

You are harassed after nearly every use of the program to “upgrade for $59.99” unless you remove the nag screen. See below.

Procedure to remove nag screen:

  1. After installing, open the following file in Notepad:
    C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Paint Shop Pro X\PCUUI\Container.htm
  2. Erase all the text, replace it with the following code:


< script type=“text/javascript”>
location =“pcucmd://Cancel?confirm=no”;
</script >

  1. Save the file.

in the above part, remove the space between < and script
and remove the space between the word location and =
and then finally remove the space between the word script and >

Thanks Studmonkey76 I tried your patch and starting and stopping several times, never saw a nag.