Free Download: Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape #8

Hi there.

Today, Mercedes Benz released a new issue of it’s free “car-cruising”-collection of international artists.

The complete cd (75mins) including all covers can be downloaded here:

Enjoy it :wink:

Wow! Now this is really cool. I just read a bit about the mixed tape program and think this is a great way to give exposure to new artists! Mercedes even changes the CD length selections every couple months and has a call out for anyone interested in contributing their talent to the program. Good deal. It is pretty smart too as it ties in with the iPod feature of their cars. I’ll check it out some more this evening.

Cool!!! :clap:

i have all 8 volumes…found out about them through another forum i frequent…

you can either download the .zip archives directly or torrents from either of these two links…enjoy!! :bigsmile:

p.s. tracklistings where available also :flower:

Thanks for the links drpino!!! :iagree:

anytime DJ :bigsmile:

thanks a lot! :iagree: