Free/cheap Music store?

I currently have a subscription with Ruckus, which allows me to download either single tracks or entire albums from their server. However, Ruckus is through a partnership through the school & I’m not sure if I’ll be able to access it after my graduation in May (though I’m going to apply for an alumni email, so it will have an .edu ending and when signing up, there is an option for alumni (and I’m also hoping to return for grad school) so it should work). I’ve also read & noticed that Ruckus doesn’t have all albums & there are some artists not available.

Anyway, I’ve been looking around for some alternatives for post-graduation usage. I read somewhere someone mentioning Yahoo & Rhaspody. I recently looked over both of their websites and they both appear to charge a small fee (79-99 cents) per track. As does the iTunes store

I’d like to find a system that A.) allows for unlimited downloads - preferably for free or for a small charge ($10 a month?) and B.) Downloads the songs to the computer - so I can play them without being online (on my laptop) (I’ll of course connect frequently so the license keys will be able to be renewed). I used Rhaspody a few years ago & it looked like the music was saved on their server & streamed to me (for the 9.99 membership I had anyway).

I’m totally cool with being restricted to just the one device (Ruckus encrypts the files with DRM, unless you pay an additional monthly fee to burn/transfer to an mp3 player) - I’ll pay for them if I want to take them on an MP3 player or burn them to a CD…

If anyone has any suggestions as to where I could look, I’d be greatly appreciated.

check out, with bonuses they provide the price per track (totally DRM-Free) is like 7cents:)
6 cents per track, if you buy at once 1000 songs there will be 4 cents (!!) per track