Free CD / DVD Burnning program

That doesn’t use .Net / Java. And Nice looking ( clean and elegant ) easy to use interface.

I dont need much function. Something simple like Nero Express ( I always wonder why they dont release that as free ). Just to burn Data Files.

How good is Xp built in one?

Aren’t we a picky lil’ bastard? :wink:

I don’t know if you can burn DVDs with the “built in one.” I’m thinkning you can’t, I may be wrong. :iagree:

If “built in one” is mount rainer, then it is not possible to use with a DVD burner; I don’t know if any dvd burner is able to manage mount rainer

Anyway some customers sell neroexpress with any OEM burner for only € 10 (at least in my zone)


Look for it here:

I’m not sure I would call the interface “elegant” but Deepburner Free has worked well for me.

For CDs Burrrn is good. Simple & free & the interface is OK.