Free CD/DVD burning software

…its out there - i know it is. I just don’t know where! Sure i could use google but that will most likely give me spyware laden, feature-crippled sharware.

So i thought i might just skip the re-format/re-install of XP and go straight to you guys and ask: Where is all the good free cd/dvd burning programs? :wink:

Thanks folks.

CDBurnerXP Pro & ImgBurn for general burning & Burrrn for Audio CDs are all good.

not free, but you can pick up a copy of nero 6, suite 1/3 for about £3-5

Also using TimC’s combination works well.

I’ve been on the same hunt.
I want something that won’t conflict with CloneDVD2 that I can use for things other than DVDs.
So far I’ve found Burn4Free and CDBXP, the free version not the Pro version.
Will either of these do the job and not start a software conflict ?

you’ll be ok with them :iagree:

Thanks Bjproc. :slight_smile: has some Editor’s Choice listings. Cnet has listings & reviews, also.

As for me the best free cd dvd burner is StarBurn. Many other free burners are using their Software Development Kit