Free CD Burning Source Code

I have recently posted all my source code on my website, for my delphi CD Burning software.
All files are included Including ASPI and SPTI units, some of the files need a little work (there are developers currently helping with the project).
All this source code is self contained (no SDK’s of API libraries) and no charge.
As per site:

AspiFunctions.pas : standard Aspi Unit
AudioUnit.pas : for wav file streams
burnunit.pas : TCDBurner Component
CDROM.pas : CD controller unit
cdsizer.pas : Capacity bar component
CovertFuncs.pas : Conversion Functions
ecma_167.pas : ECMA disk creation unit
ISO9660.pas : ISO disk creation Unit
osta_udf.pas : UDF Disk Creation Unit
scsidefs.pas : SCSI DEF Constants
ScsiFunctions.pas : speaks for itsself
wnaspi32.pas : Aspi Dll functions unit
Test app included
Now includes ASPI and SPTI versions

Anyone looking to help, can contact me at my site, thanks.

Hi All,

The free delphi CD burning library has been updated, now with new classes and units to create ISO9660 joliet CD Images, anyone wishing to participate in the expanding and fixing of this library, please contact me through my website.


Hi All,
The free CD / DVD Delphi burning library, has now been renamed ‘FreeBurner’ and is now a project on SourceForge, there is also a new mini site availible at
All you delphi developers, please take some time to look at the library, and help to create a nice stable library for all to use.