Free CAD software?

I signed up for it… I hope it’s good!

Yes, that would be nice.

Strange, they need email address.

Looks like an email harvest to me.

My thoughts exactly! :iagree:

You have to download it, and they may even have a serial number that is embedded with your copy to activate it.

Also, you would be a screened potential customer for other products of their’s that you may want to buy.

We will see, because it looks lik a certainty to get the 100,000 people,which is 899,09 now.

Well it’s at 90,084 right now and I went ahead and tried it as well. Less then 10,000 to go in 13 days. I will wait and see.:wink:

p.s. Just in case i didnt use my primary email so if they spam its no biggie:p

Well, it is now 93,165 at 7:56 PM Pacific time.

I went ahead and registered with my alternate email, the total was 93,260 as of 10:37 PM CST

I think that it will reach 100,000 before Friday.

It is 94,987 right now (11:22 Pacific Time).

Reg’ed with old hotmail addy. 95101 sign-ups @ 20:06 GMT.


I did it!!!
95222 when I left…

Secret revealed:


Tomorrow morning will be 100,000.

96,475 as of 11:00 PM CST July 20, 2005

Just found out some bad news…

X-CAD will contain Adware, and will cost $49 to “Remove” the ads, or even work offline.

Quote From Company Rep:

Yes, the banners will be there. The product works online. You will have an option to turn off ads and work offline if needed as well through a simple upgrade. Thanks.

Don Dalrymple
Alibre, Inc.

From Their Website:

Alibre Design Xpress is 3D solid modeling software for the masses. It is better than low-cost, it’s free! That’s right, free. How do they do that? When you run Alibre Design Xpress some of your screen will be dedicated to ads that are served up by Google. They aren’t huge and obtrusive but they might be somewhat distracting. After all, you’re trying to model stuff, not shop. It’s probably a reasonable trade off for the free capabilities. Alibre Design Xpress is a subset or scaled-down version of Alibre’s standard software Alibre Design. As such, it has certain things turned off. This means there will be many things you cannot do. For instance, hollows or shells are disabled and you’ll be limited in how many components you can have in an assembly. It also requires you to have an internet connection to use; that can be somewhat restricting if you are on the road a lot. But don’t panic. Alibre Design Xpress has a multi-stepped upgrade path that will take care of the problem. For a mere $49, you can eliminate the ads and work offline.

I knew it was too good to be true. :Z


I don’t like that kind of deception and “Bait and Switch” mentality.

Say all 100,000 pay the 50 bucks, that would be 5 million dollars.

Why didn’t they just market it that way in the first place – because they knew that not that many people would go for it.

And then, they spring it on you.



No way in hell that software like that is gonner get on my PC. ''Ad-Supported" :Z


99,000 11:45 Am Pst

99864 CST but Know I dont care anymore. Thanks for the warning DJMind

100,000 at 2:58 PST