Free Burning software?

What is the best free CD burning software out there?I have use Clone CD but my trial period is up and I don’t want to buy it.I used to have a CD copy program that came with my computer but now I have upgraded to Win XP and the old software doesn’t work anymore.I have tried using Express burn and it seemed to get me through all the steps but after burning two Cd’s only to find out that there is no sound on them I think I’ll try something else?:aAny help would be great.:bow:

EAC not only RIPs but it’ll burn as well.

I originally got it not for ripping but for Burning CD-TEXT Audio.


There is also Burrrn for audio CDs and InfraRecorder for general usage…

Which one would you guys say is the most reliable user friendly burner?

[QUOTE=Johnkarlsson;2235942]Which one would you guys say is the most reliable user friendly burner?[/QUOTE]

For burning what? Cd audio disks?

I am really looking for a system that allows me to make 1:1 copy’s of my Cd’s with the ability to choose tracks off them for in the car use.

[QUOTE=Whappo;2235950]For burning what? Cd audio disks?[/QUOTE]

Yes CD audio disks.

Then try EAC as posted by AllanDeGroot above.


Particularly if your car stereo supports CD-Text.

I can and have made CD-Text discs with Burrrn, but prefer EAC.

EAC has something of a learning curve but many here can talk you through the process.

I’m by no stretch of imagination a “computer geek”, but I’ve gotten so used to using EAC I have to actually go through the process of burning a disc while writing instructions to someone, because the process has become so “automatic”.


(EAC,LAME )This program won’t let me install all the way .It keeps asking for a encoder location when I choose one it wont place it in the box and continue?Stumped before the program is even installed!

You can get the LAME bundle from rarewares (lame encoder page)

Just extract the zip file to a folder on your OS drive (e.g. C:\Utilities\lame) and point EAC to this during installation. :wink:

Another CD/DVD burning tool I use on occasion is DeepBurner (download link). The free edition will write both data and audio CDs and is very straight forward to use from my experience. However, I’m not sure if it supports CD text for writing Audio CDs.

thank you that worked

QUOTE=Johnkarlsson;2236027This program won’t let me install all the way .It keeps asking for a encoder location when I choose one it wont place it in the box and continue?Stumped before the program is even installed![/QUOTE]

It tells you that you can configuire the compression encoder LATER

And since you specifically stated that you want to burn CD,
not mp3-CD, you don’t need that anyway.

Rip as wav then burn from wav.

it is undesireable to rip and compress if your main use for the
audio files is intended to be for burning CD-audio

Your ability to store relatively bulky wav files is limited only by your
free HDD space, but more HDD volume is cheap enough.

BTW, I don’t let EAC encode to mp3 even thought I can with my setup,
I choose not to because it’s SLOW.

It takes ~3min to do a rip of a complete CD,
my seperate file converter (Switch sound which uses the LAME algorythm)
also takes about 3min to do a compression for a total of 6min
If I let EAC rip AND compress it takes ~20min per disc.
And that’s on a fairly fast pentium4 with 2gigs of RAM.

Tagging is also done as a seperate operation,
but that typically takes me all of 90seconds.

But all of that isn’t necissary for making duplicates of Audio CD’s

I make dulicates of everything I want to play in the car as an audio CD, because I absolutely will not play originals in my car stereo.
I don’t even like having originals in the car for longer than it takes to get them home from where I bought them.


that is exactly why I do it.They just dont last in the car or get stolen.

But I must temper my statement about palying in the car, while my 2002 vintage aftermarket sony head unit will not play mp3’s my
2005 vintage CD-Changer will play mp3’s.

a friend jokingly refers to my CD changer as the worlds largest 7.02 gig iPod Nano.

So what CD’s I carry with me, (in a 48disc CaseLogic case)
are mostly for play in the head unit when I can’t easily reach
the changer.

I can change the disc magazine “on the fly” and I have spare magazines (quite a few actually because this isn’t my first Sony
CD Changer) but since ONE disc magazine will play for 45HOURS
even when 320kBit/Sec mp3’s are burned to the disc…
I don’t NEED to all that often.

45hours of music straight through is a lot of play, on shuffle
it takes about three times that start to notice repeats, let alone
get annoyed by them.

Hey, I have a friend that still has a MiniDisc changer because he simply didn’t know that anyone made a cd changer that’d play mp3CD’s

I really baked his noodle by telling him that there were Car head
units that’ll play DVD’s filled with mp3’s… he simple didn’t know.

Alvin Toffler would have been pleased.