FREE blu-ray ripper released

elycs free bluray ripper can decrypt ur blu-ray disc and serve as a bluray http streaming server. can rip and watch directly without converting your bluray disc, just insert and watch

you can download from url: or
enjoy it!

thanks man i was looking such a freeware software…

How could I miss this 1…:o:bigsmile:
Definately 1 to try out,THX elycssoft!

Please report back about your experiences with this software roadworker :wink:

Yeah I think a lot of people would be interested to hear if this works and if it does a good job.


Interesting line on their site:

[I]currently, Elycs is a FREE, try it! [/I]

Which seems to imply that it won’t remain free. That may just be translation problems of course.

The files are not Digitally Signed but that’s common with new software.

Hi :slight_smile:
Doesn’t work for me.

Can’t see disc, won’t open folders.

Doesn’t work for me either.:disagree::disagree:

I can’t get it to do anything? It can’t read a disc, or a file. :frowning: How very strange and a little worrying, like what the hell have I just downloaded and installed in to my rig? :eek:

EDIT. It does say it can’t decrypt all discs and email them with the ones it can’t and they will get back to you. I’ve tried 22 discs and none of them work! Can I be bothered…Only time will tell.