Free Blu-ray Copy

It seems that there is a new program available for decrypting and ripping blu ray movies. It is called Free Blu ray Copy, and can be found here.

I downloaded the program and tested it with my antivirus program and found no problems. Installation was smooth, and I am now testing its decryption and ripping capabilities.

This is quite a recent addition to the blu ray decryption tools available to us, and is described as a beta edition. I haven’t heard any mention of the program up to this point at other video enthusiasts sites.

The Free Blu ray Copy website has that overly smooth look that many of the slightly dodgy video websites have, and the lack of any real information about the company behind it makes me a bit uneasy, both on the origin of the program and future support.

So, don’t take this thread as an endorsement of the product. :slight_smile: But free decryption programs are always an interesting subject. Lets see how this one plays out.

Thanks for the info Kerry

Well that was a dud! :bigsmile:

38 minutes of ripping the blu ray movie and the end result was…nothing. No movie, no folder, zip, zilch, nada.

Also, this program has a nasty habit of opening your web browser and taking you to their home page anytime you close or open the program. The log file also shows that it sends a “trial” key to their servers when opening the program.

I may give it one more shot, but if it fails again, its outta here.

Thanks Kerry, I was going to try it but it doesn’t look too good for now.

Ok, I think I figured it out. Whatever you do, do NOT rename the Disc Label before ripping. The program cannot cope with this change.

The second rip worked perfectly well.

And setting up simple rules for inbound and outbound traffic in your firewall for this specific program is all you need to stop the annoying connection to their site when you start and stop the program. This is using the firewall contained within Win 7.

There is a new version of Blu ray Copy available now. It is called the beta 2 version.

Beta 3 is now released.