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I saw some free encoding softwares, such as avi2dvd, dvd flick and diko. I am looking for best freeware. Please tell me which one is the best. Dvdflick uses not hcencoder. I heared that hcencoder is the best free one. Please tell me if you knoe anything. And also tell me which burner application is best and free. I tried imgburn , cdburnerxp, and cdrtfe. I heared that cdrtfe is one best. Thanks.

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Please tell us what is your start file, and what you want to make it into.

vasically general encoding, i.e avi to dvd and creating nice looking menus.

The all-in-one programs you have been looking at are not the very best for making elaborate menus. Some of them do a very good job of encoding, especially the ones that can use HC, but the menu functions are fairly rudimentary.

I like FAVC for its simplicity. One of the mods in the video editing forum recently reminded me of The Film Machine, which can use HC also.

Of the burning programs you’ve mentioned, I much prefer ImgBurn. I have basically abandoned Nero to use ImgBurn.

I have to second Kerry again on this one. FAVC for converting AVI and ImgBurn to burn.

What about converting audio??
I have a bunch of mp4s I downloaded before my divorce. My wife has he cd’s (renewed access to the originals is NOT gonna happen)
I want to play these in my car and want to burn to mp3’s
What’s the best free encoder for the job?
DB Poweramp is anything but free.
The only one I’ve found so far is MediaCoder

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Your own thread which appears to answer the question is here:

I recently did a test between MediaCoder & Super on a .vob file for audio only.Super did it correctly & MediaCoder did not.
avi2dvd had a compatibility problem with Vista.In that it stopped WMP 11 for playing .mpg & .avi files.