Free BBQ Grill



While the big holiday weekend is past and supplies may be pretty well picked over, if you need a new Bar-B-Q Grill here is a bargain for you. Stainless steel grill, for FREE. You read right, FREE!!!

Available in most big chain stores: Albertson’s - Winn Dixie - K-Mart - A&P - WalMart - Walgreens.

Hurry before they run out of stock!


damn you, i really needed a new girl


nice one :wink:


Stay away from the grills on wheels at Acme…since their plastic, they just don’t seem to stand up to the heat. Very poorly designed!!! :frowning:



EXTREMELY funny-eh?

Thanks for the laugh-



Wouldn’t that be a “Hot Seat” for someone?


I don’t get it. :frowning:


It’s not that important.


It’s not that important.

( Sorry for the extra post)


Overhere they cost €0,50 :iagree:


how to get a barbeque grill.


how to get a free barbeque grill


Look at the picture!


[QUOTE=Gil T Pleasure;1062668]I don’t get it. :([/QUOTE]
what was that throng hanging on that tree for?

screamin’ & cryin’ bout the Blues:cool::bow:


now here’s a grill ( a dumpster grill):iagree:

screamin’ & cryin’ bout the Blues:cool::bow: