Free AVS Powered by Kaspersky

i downloaded the free active virus shield to my desktop. when i tried to run the installer i got an error “This installation package could not be opened.” did some google search and found out that if you rename the downloaded file from ‘avs.msi’ to avs.msi.exe’ then it will work. tried it and what do you know it worked.

dont know about the software as of yet have used avast for along time will have to give it a fair try though.

well its been about a month now and over all the aol kaspersky anti-virus worked really well for me.

the only complaint i have is it slowed my internet speed a little.

its not offered anymore from aol but mcafee is now offered so i am going to give it a try. for no the only difference is mcafee has built-in firewall and anti-spryware protection. sounds really good for free software.

mcafee products are pretty bloated though