Free Audio tools



Though I don’t often need pure audio tools personally, I thought I’d share a few that have proved to be worthwhile in this thread.

My first entry is a well-known program that provides most of the functions that I need in audio, and is called Audacity. This is an editor and recording program that can be used in Windows, Linux and the Mac operating systems.

Combined with the free ffmpeg and Lame libraries, this tool can open audio directly from video sources, and can output in many different formats, including .wav, .mp3, .ac3, Flac, Ogg Vorbis and others.

Even if you are only a part-time dabbler in audio, this is an essential free tool.


This second tool is one I’ve used for recording audio from the net into mp3 audio files. It is called [B]Mp3 my Mp3[/B].

This tool can be a little hard to set up, mostly because modern Windows operating systems hide the Stereo Mix setting, but there are instructions at the Mp3 my Mp3 site to enable this.

I’ve found this program very handy for recording songs, and it has some convenient options, such as silence detection, fine tuning sensitivity to silence between songs and starting a new recording as each song plays. You can also select the bitrate for your mp3 recordings, and adjust recording volume.

Mp3 my Mp3 will record anything that is being played through the computer system, so it is not just for online material. One disadvantage to the program is that it is limited to mp3 format in its output.

Be careful of the installer for Mp3 my Mp3, as there is one add-on that you have to avoid when installing the program. But that is becoming a common problem in free software.


And I forgot to mention, this thread is closed, so no comments are allowed in here, but if you have some questions or comments about the tools mentioned, please feel free to start a new thread here in the Video Editing forum.


The next tool we’re listing in here is [B]TAudioConverter[/B]. This program is pretty much self-explanatory, as its main function is to convert audio from one format to another. It can also be used to extract audio from a music CD or videos.

Here are some of the audio formats it can output: aac, mp3, wav, flac, ac3, ogg, opus, mpc, ape or tta.

This is another program where you need to be careful of the installer, since it will offer “add-ons” that you probably will not want. There is a stand alone version of TAudioConverter that doesn’t include these.


Today’s tool was suggested by one of our more active members, cholla.

This program is called [B]Tunatic[/B]. It is used to identify a song, giving you the name of the song and the artist from just a short sample. According to the FAQ’s at their site, you need internet access and a microphone, though if you want to identify a song playing on the computer itself, all you need is the Stereo Mix setup correctly. (Windows)

Tunatic will identify most songs, except classical.

There is a Windows version and one for Macs as well. Official support seems to have ended at Windows XP, so let me know if you have issues in newer operating systems.