Free Alternative to DVD Shrink?

Is there a free alternative to DVD Shrink? When it works, it works well, but i often get errors that i cant work around, is there a free alternative to DVD shrinks encoding/compressing features?

I sure hope you didn’t pay for it. :eek: Your post kind of implys that. :wink: Anyways, there really isn’t a free alternative to DVD Shrink, with virtually any other program you are going to be shelling out at least a few bucks for it. Which version of DVD Shrink do you have?

3.2 right now. i searched around for an older version but couldnt fine one. (the previous version seems to work fine almost all the time, while the newer one seems to give me problems fairly often)

Did you do a fresh install or did you just overwrite the old software? (did you delete the old version first?). That can cause all sorts of problems if you don’t delete the old version first. EDIT also are you picking it up from the recommended mirrors on ?

anyone have a specific site I can use to download any version of DVD shrink for FREE. All the ones I found, you have to pay a monthly rate.

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Try here :slight_smile:
just use the link in the post above yours

don’t use the ads by google