FREE(almost): Canon PIXMA iP1800 photo printer after MIR @ CompUSA

I know there are more economical sources for printing photos, Costco ect…

Potential gift for some one with out looking frugal :iagree: ?

Canon PIXMA iP1800 Photo Printer $49.99 @ CompUSA
$50.00 MIR.

photo printer link

Rebate link

You have to consider the cost of catridge replacement as main factor.

The cost of ink cartridges should be the determining factor of any inkjet printer purchase. The cost of the printer itself is incidental. I even go as far as to recommend scouring ebay for a Canon i960, iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, MP780 or any of their printers that use BCI-6 cartridges. We have an iP4000, i960, MP780 and an N2000 that all use third party cartridges. The BCI-6 carts cost me $1.50 each shipped to my door and the N2000 cartridges are huge and run less than $20 each. Print quality is as good as OEM ink, IMO.

Of Canon’s newest printers the ones using the CLI-8 cartridges are the easiest to refill at a cost of less than $1 per cartridge. The only downside is you will lose ink level monitoring due to these cartridges being chipped. The BCI-6 cartridges aren’t chipped, and third party prefilled cartridges are easily found, which is why I prefer those printers. For me ink cost is irrelevant and I save around $1,000 per year using third party ink instead of OEM ink from Canon.

i have the MP160 and IP1700. where is it that you get this ink at for such a price? would love to know. thanks.

read the rebate coupon, it is not free, to get $50 rebate, you have to purchase an LCD monitor, a desktop or a notebook laptop

Your printers are 2-tank systems…1 BLK and 1 Tri-Color and a bit more difficult to deal with.
Here’s a few places to look at :

[B]carts only[/B]
Print Pal

[B]carts and re-filling[/B]
Atlantic Inkjet

I buy my cartridges from here: I don’t know if third party cartridges are available for those printers.

the printer is not free, requires the purchase of a desktop/laptop/lcd