Free A/V &Firewall vs. Subcription

I am wondering if people really need to buy AntiVirus or firewall software anymore. There are many free proggys that people use and swear by. Like the free version of Avast, or the Kapersky online scan, BitDefender also has a free version of spyware and anti-virus. I am wondering if McAfee or other pay for software is really needed. Windows has a good firewall now that comes with XP. I would love some input.

I too use a freebie (for customers with certain packages) firewall/AV/anti-spyware etc program from my ISP.

Used in conjunction with various free proggies (Spybot, BitDefender/Trend Micro online scans), it seems to serve me well.


The online scanners are a good back up, but a person really needs a resident virus scanner. There are alot of good freeware antivirus programs out but i am not partial to any of them. personally i use nod 32 from eset, and outpost as my firewall. Even though xp comes with a firewall i dont think it really matches the comercial firewall programs. Nod 32 uses very little system resources and it has done very well for me.

If you were to buy one, which one would you choose and why. I have heard Norton is to invasive and is to be avoided. I have heard good and bad about McAfee. I have never heard anything bad about Kapersky. I need advice for firewall and A/V.

Go with AVG for free and zomealarm free these are great and free updated as they are needed with no cost. This is what I use Macfee and norton are memory hogs and not sure on the other. I just think if a free one works very well why buy a program?

I have been installing avg free and zonealarm free on alot of dells and nobody has complained yet. Avg free is almost updated everyday and scans in the background and finds more virus problems than norton. With zone alarm you have to tell it each time sites you regulary go to and seems okay. You also need adaware-se free and spybot1.4 for spyware and a very good program for spyware and trojans is Ewido but has only a 2 weeks trial. I agree with Dr. Who that norton is useless and a waste of money.

Take a look at these reviews.

Check here for firewalls

Check here for Anti-virus

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You don’t need a firewall, antivirus, or spyware program if you use BSD or Linux.

Sorry to bust your bubble.

This just one example.

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I’ve seen other “proof of concept” viruses for Linux and BSD. I have yet to hear anyone who actually got the virus. I’ve never gotten a virus or spyware using either OS’s.

But yes, you are correct.

I use ZoneAlarm Pro and a router for firewall, and from work I got Norton AV Corporate Edition.

As alan1476 said, Norton uses quite a bit of memory compared to others but with newer system (faster processor and bigger RAM) I don’t think it matters too much.

I can’t work with Norton or Mcafee. Both are enoromous system hogs and very intrusive. I used Zone Alarm pro for a couple years and each new version became more and more difficult to deal with (I dont mean settings wise). Half the sites i visited wouldnt load and other annoying things. I finally decided to dump Zone alarm for out post. Actually outpost is a very good firewall. Its easy to use and i recommend it for anyone. You can monitor your open ports and easily close them if you would like. Interface is great as well.
As for the av I would Stick with “NOD 32”. I have used many different av’s and this is the one that takes the cake for me. Norton does a great job and so does mcafee but they are system hogs. AVG and Avast miss alot more viruses than the mainstream comercial av’s according to some research that i did at the beginning of the year (But they are free). Kaspersky is one of the best, its easy on system resources and a great program. the only problem is that i could never get it to function properly on my machine. Nod 32 is what they call a gamers antivirus. It has one of the smallest footprints of any av on the market. And it has won more VB100 awards than ANY other av out today. I trust it with my machine any day over any other av.


I personally use Trend Micros Internet Security Suite 2005 which expires in August-

It is number one rated by Consumers and contains a good set of firewalls - all in a small package with a small - nonintrusive footprint-

I found it on for under $20 shipped - which I consider very reasonable for a antiviris program of this quality-

I plan on upgrading my Trend Micro in August-


Well I use McAffe on one PC. It is great and really really protects me. I also use Spy Sweeperr which is kindof like Zone Alarm just more strict. On one pc I use Avast it is great too.

I have been reading About a program called " Stopzilla" anybody ever used it.

Ooops I didn’t mention that I have that too. A very good program Highly Recommended!

Avast free or AVG free???
Which one to use?

ZoneAlarm FireWall with WinPatrol for Spyware and AVG Free for Viruses. All Free.

Not Zone alarm, please, NOT ZONEALARM - like the proberbial “Curate’s egg”, it is good in places, but the slightest foulup can be terminal - it’s as difficult as any spyware to remove cleanly if gets messed up, the leftovers hang on like a leech. Still you can’t get more secure than having all internet blocked until you reformat and re-install.

Anyone used this one??