Free 3GB Email


#1 is offering free email with 3GB storage quota, POP3 and webmail access, and free virus scan for attachments. Plus, you have 7 domain names to choose from (ex.,, :bow:

Special thanks to BM_J for the info. :bow:


Whats the catch? Theres always one. Anyway nice if you want to add a addy to your by now humongous collection of mailaddys.


I’ve hardly used my Google mail even though it has a lot more space than my MSN mail or other mails. (I’ve had hundreds of mail accounts for the last 10 years because so many South Korean websites and PC telecom networks and even banks gave at least one free email.)


Excluding web-based mail like Hotmail, I have… counts only 6 mailboxes/accounts, of which only 4 are private personal-use mailboxes/accounts. I have a number of web-based mailboxes, but they tend to be littered with spam (like Hotmail… even though I’ve never even used my Hotmail address for anything e-mail related) and I really dislike web-based mail in general, so I never even bother checking them. But I do have a ton of e-mail addresses, though… I just have a lot of forwarding going on, and eventually, all of them either make their way to one of the 4 mailboxes or to /dev/null. :wink:


I like to access my email via POP3, but I like having webmail access so that I can access my email whenever I’m away from home.


I use SSH + Pine for that…


Anyone else having problem receiving/sending email using :a

3GB not enough for you? Get a load of this: 1TB email :eek:
[thanks to housepig for the info] :bow:

Btw, thanks to Ben and the unknown person (da_taxman perhaps?) who fixed my login problem. :smiley:


How can i make . Can u make me one email adress. like (Basit.ali,, which any one. my First name is Basit last is Ali. Date of birth 07\11\1982. … I’m Request u. Make for me. I will Wait ur Replay … My Email Adress is .… And im Use Incredimail Software… and also tell about the Pop Setting Thanks in advance dear


you might be waiting a while…this thread is 2 years old…


I Will Wait dear


i hate LOADS of space, you just end up forgetting about all the spam in your junk mail and so whenever something legit gets in there by mistake you miss it. If msn hotmail allowed HUGE attatchments (500mb or whatever) then I would be content.




Your soul… :bigsmile:


Jay! I’ll notch that one up next to my 1100 Gmail invitations! :slight_smile:


Hmmm I think not any about that … any how thanks friends. :wink:
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