Freaks from England please help



I have a friend here who just had his brother (age24) die of leukemia and his extended family lives in England.They are flying over for the funeral and such…but my question is…what can i do for them to make them more comfortable…like.
do you guys really drink tea for tea?
if so what kind…like brand do most prefer…?
what time is tea time?
do you eat anything with it?

i just wanna make this time a bit easier on them as well…this is most of their first time coming to America…i just wanna extend some hospitality but show them i took some time to provide something just for them…

any suggestions would be sooo much appreciated…thanks!


thats a shame. I doubt you would be able to get any English tea over there eg tetleys, or pg tips. The time the queen drinks tea is at 5’ o clock, with pimms (or at least thats what i have heard) But for us regular folk, any time is a good time for tea. Also get a selection of cheeses and crackers.

and branston pickle…


I agree with haveacigar, but do you intend putting a buffet on or something simple? I used to be a caterer and tea & coffee, cheese & crackers, & cake, go down well, not that anyone will be in the mood for eating, but they tend to do it automatically on such occasions.


Sorry to hear about your friend’s brother, S_S :frowning: - it’s nice that you’re planning to make his family’s stay comfortable.

Yep, tea is good - any brand will do, but if you can get their favourite (maybe Tetley or PG Tips brands), I’m sure it’ll be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Biscuits (or cookies) always go down nicely with tea.

Tea can be drunk at any time of the day, so just offer it whenever you like, or you think they’d like a drink :slight_smile:


we have Tetley…which flavor?


We just have regular Tetley here…so which flavours do you have to choose from?



oh thanks …i never thought about cheese and crackers!! you guys are so awesome!!


regular and decaf…


Cake is good, too. A plain victoria sandwich (cream and jam {or jelly, as you guys call it}) will probably do the trick :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah, thanks :)…regular Tetley will probably be fine. :slight_smile:


Do you guys really put cream and sugar in your tea ? :eek:


well i would say, just your ordinary brand. I for 1 don’t know many people that buy Earl Grey, Darjeeling and such stuff. Don’t know what Arachne and Haveacigar think?

Sorry my browsers not updating quick enough! We put milk & sugar in our tea and coffee.


Thanks Milly


Hehe, most of us don’t use cream, just regular full-fat or semi-skimmed milk (I use semi-skimmed, my guests have never complained!). :slight_smile:

And yep, sugar if required…some do like it, some don’t.


I just wanna have everything they might need :wink:

after all…it is such a sad time and


Hey, no worries - it’s great that you’re going out of your way for them, and we’ll help you as much as we can :slight_smile:


Tea time is the last meal of the day unless there is supper, a tradition not realy upheld any more. The drink tea is drunk much like coffee over in the states, though more people drink coffe over here than tea now, there is not set time.

Unless there are some real old dames amongst the family don’t worry about what’s what, believe me our countries share enough not to have to do anything special.

If you rely want to make them feel more at home, ask them if there is anything they need when they arrive, if you don’t have it get it when you next go out, don’t make a special trip.

I am stopping now, it will be safer for me to do so.


We can tell your VERY upset, understandably, but if there is anything else you want to know, im sure there are enough of us Uk’s on here to set you right. So just ask. Sorry for your sad loss anyway.


Probably more important than the brand of tea, is how the tea is made.

Make sure the water is boiling hot. Make it in a tea pot (or coffee pot) One tea bag per person and allow the tea to brew in the pot for 2 or 3 minutes. Pour the tea into a cup then add the sugar and stir, then add the milk.


To be honest as I said earlier, do not worry yourself too much about the intricacies of it, that’s only for the upper classes.

Just don’t be offended if there is food left on th plate, we are used to smaller portions here.

When they arrive, they are more likely to just want to sleep if they can as it’s a long journey and jet-lag.

Oh, don’t say fanny around them at all, even fanny-pack. Over here fanny is a term for female genetals and not a term used for describing the backside. Loo/bog/carzey is toilet if they ask, we don’t call it a bathroom.

(A Scot who adds the milk last, now that’s a first for me, all the ones I have met it’s milk, tea bag then hot water.)


I make my tea differently to you. I prefer a strong cup of tea, so i use 1 tea bag per cup. Rather than leaving it and running the risk of stewing the tea, after i put the water over the tea bag, i use a tea spoon to squeeze out all of the tea-bags delicious-ness, followed by removing the tea bag and poring some semi skimmed milk over the tea, until you see a colour change under the tea, and then adding two tea spoons of sugar (silver spoon granulated of course)… speaking of which… im off for a cup…