Freaking Walmart

Jeez Im starting to hate Walmart. I go in there yesterday to buy a new CD, just because every once in a while I like to show some support for the artists, even though most of the money goes to the men in suits. I walk in, go to the CDs, and pick up the Blink 182 CD that I wanted. And there I see it when I look at the case. EDITED! WTF? If Im going to buy a CD, why would I want an edited CD? Doesnt Walmart know that people dont want to pay $13 for a CD that has the same content they can hear on the radio. I want the freaking CD how it is when it was recorded, not with the words blocked out so the little kiddies can be safe and just go buy their trash CDs at another store. Walmart is just losing more money by selling edited CDs. The people who want the good CDs just go to CircuitCity, get it for the same price, and get what they want. Walmart loses that money. So whats the point?

dude, where have you been? walmart has always sold only edited cds

What he said.

I have never bought CDs from Walmart until the other day when I went to. And now I never will.

We have a supermarket here, one of the biggest chains in the UK, which is owned by Wal-Mart.

Given what you guys have mentioned in this thread, I’m really surprised we can get unedited CDs there (obviously with the “parental Advisory” sticker).

Wonder how long it’ll be before they start acting like Wal-Mart?

Jeez Im starting to hate Walmart.

Their beer selection is terrible as well.

great price though

^^hahaha thats one of the best episodes ever :bigsmile: ^^

Why don’t you just type “Asda”? At least they kept using the old name :wink:

Well, Wal-Mart is already leaving from Germany and South Korea. They started to realize that they would not become popular after they bought a few German chains and (unsuccessfully) tried “Americanizing” them. We Germans prefer self-service. :stuck_out_tongue:

Germany as a country is totally fXed up anyway, censorship is generally accepted and called “youth protection”. And except for a few [I]Pirate Party of Germany[/I] members, nobody cares about privacy.

Because “Asda” would have meant nothing to US members, LOL :wink:

sorry about your wally world experience but yes they only sell edited music…all while ripping you a new one throughout the store…:wink: my mom works there and said that she will retire in March but the way they treat the customers is awful she is embarrased to even tell people she works there …

I RARELY shop there…after all most of the walmarts in my area are super centers and have tried to close all the lil Mom and pop stores…so i shop downtown merchants and mall merchants before i go there…:slight_smile: Its just not the same store it was when Sam Walton was alive now his money grubbing kids (who are in the top 10 of the world richest people) want to capitalize on convience…shoot i’ll buy twice as much gas to shop elsewhere :wink:

/rant off

totaly agree with [B]Sexy_Southerner[/B], back in the day walmart was all about customer service, taking care of the employees, and believe it or not, everything they sold was made in USA

now they just sh!t on everybody and I refuse to shop there, last time I went into one was a couple years ago when I needed one item (some good ol’ type F ATF :slight_smile: ) I was in a hurry and walmart was the closest store…thing is it took so long to get checked out I would have saved time (and agrivation) driving to the autoparts store :doh: