Freak auto accident in Greece - 23 kids dead

All people down here have been in shock today, as this evening around 7:30 there was a freak accident up north that involved a truck full of plywood, a bus carrying highscool students and 3 cars. 22 16 year old children and a teacher are already dead, several others are severely wounded. They were on a field trip.

This is the freakiest accident ever in Greece and the whole nation is in mourning … the pictures from the scene of the accident i can not even begin to describe.

The only online reference to the accident i could find at the moment was the one in cnn but it is to vague, still not enough info i guess. The conditions under which the accident happened are not yet known, but it seems the truck went off its track towards the bus.

This is just plainly stupid … we are the country with the most fatal casualties in car accidents/year in Europe, if not in the whole world … it just makes me angry.

Sorry to hear about the accident Hemispasm. A tragedy like that is always made worse when children are the victims. While stationed in Germany back in the mid eighties I traveled quite a bit around Europe. I visited Crete and was scared *hitless touring around the Island on a Vespa.

I read about it… really really bad that stuff like this happens…

A big tragedy like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen…

Today, the news have been posted in several other sites.

What really is furstrating, is that more people die in Greece due to car accidents/year than from wars all over the world. This is happening for the past 15 years or so, statistics are horrible.