Fraunhofer Institute to present MP3 Surround sound at CeBIT

I just posted the article Fraunhofer Institute to present MP3 Surround sound at CeBIT.

  The venerable MP3, has been upgraded to new  heights   and it is difficult to imagine how this will  impact the current marketing situation.  A next generation of MP3, the MP3 ...
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Sounds great. But since all 5.1 sound is created from a stereo source, why can’t they just release a decoder that decodes existing stereo/JS MP3 to 5.1 sound? These days CPU’s are hell fast compared to when MP3 first came out. 486/Pentium 60’s.

unlike older surround sound techniques, 5.1 is exactly that: 5 + 1 individual streams of info completely indepent of each other. it is not stereo ‘encoded’ information. thats why the speration is so good. but remember: making mp3’s 5.1 from an already compressed format (dolby digital) might be kinda wierd…i mean its all cool but how much ‘loss of music information’ can our ears take? nevertheless, i am excited about this. it was ineviteable. i hope it can encode from the 24 bit 96khz 6 channels that are on most dvd-a’s.

can’t ogg vorbis support 256 channels, at even high resolutions

Well, SRS Circle Surround will work, encoded within the stereo signal of an MP3, without anything new added. You just have to have a Circle Surround-compatible decoder.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Dolby Pro Logic can do this also. :slight_smile: Reading this article, it basically sounds like Fraunhofer has come up with their own matrix encoding technique.

Yeah there is ogg vorbis support for surround sound. However after looking at the source code for most encoders, the surround sound isn’t actually supported. But oh well, its there if you really wanna get at it.

if it is used from a 5.1 source cool, if it is used to make stereo mp3’s 5.1, blah, Dobly Pro Logic 2, DTS Neo, and Circle surround already do this.

This thing will have same fate like MP3 Pro