Fraunhofer Institute develops LWDRM - an unlocked DRM model

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  When we hear a new music service implementing DRM, the first thing to  strike most minds is restricted use and the inability to freely copy or  convert.  Some recent music stores  such as...
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It’s a very good idea except for one problem… computing power. The end user won’t be happy when it takes them 48 mins (2mins to decode, 2 mins to encode x 12 songs) to export his album to MP3s and then wait longer to upload the songs. Now imagine how long it takes to fill his 20gig portable music player (it’s over 26hrs) When we all have P7-20ghz this model will work very well, but it is doomed because of the excessive time it will take to re-encode the songs. And I won’t even get into the (overhyped) quality loss of re-encoding music.
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i know that any file that winamp will play can be sent to the diskwriter output plugin or the lame output plugin - without any dsp this should be a pretty fast procedure - so times are changin’ & copy protection is a reality…however…there is no reason that i cant play anything i can hear into an mp3 or wave file & go from there :slight_smile: whatchoo think?

The Winamp diskwriter works on non-DRM/broadcast protected content from what I remember. For example, go to, stream an MP3 and try using the diskwriter output plugin. Finally, encode a file with Windows Media Player protected with DRM and try outputting this to disk-writer. These two don’t work for me.