just stumbled upon this site and thought it be fun
so be good boys 'n girls now and add yo location!

So you’re from Karlstad, home of the mighty Bengt Alsterlind!

Added myself.

All hail Bengt Alsterlind! :bow: :bow:

And I’m not really from karlstad but my island wasn’t selectable and it’s just like 8-9 km away so…

Im added now ... Lets see how many that add them self to this.


Not more…?

pussys !!! At least I got the homeadress to S_S :rolleyes: :wink: :bigsmile:

Fapprcinno ?
Added meself :smiley:

well shucks…i could have given you that…if you would have asked me for it :flower:

Pretty neat, I just added myself! :iagree:

Another one added

so far DJ is the closest!

Kickass! :iagree:

ahh :flower: I`ll PM you my phonenumber :flower: :bigsmile: just to be closer :smiley:

:blush: ok now Kick is closer

Ako isn’t too far from me!