Frank Mazuca

I have a sony pata dvd burner attached to a PROMISE ULTRA133TX2 PCI IDE Controller Card and have had no trouble with config until now. I had an issue with outlook not opening so reloaded windows and now the computer does not see the sony drive when windows is on but upon boot up the four connections for the card are shown and in one of the spots the sony dvd burner is displayed.
There are not other devices attached to this card(i replaced the other dvd burner with a SATA conn to the mobo, along with 2 SATA HDs and 2 PATA HDs attached to the mobo eide connector.
I have tried using the first connection on the EIDE cable with no good results.
The DVD burner worked fine less than a week ago when i copied a DVD.
I am whit’s end-again-i know just enough to get in trouble.:confused::confused:

Did you install the driver for that IDE controller?

I have the ULTRA.CAT,ULTRA.INF andultra.sys from the win XP Zip folder in a folder and the ultra file,readme.text and TXTSETUP.oem from the zip folder. I direct the “?” device to update driver and direct it to the folder and it will not install.

i finally got the driver for the eide controller to load and post 3 should have been deleted. Thanks for the help i was trying to install the drivers for the wrong device in the device manager. must be senile moment.
Thanks for your help.