France: Warner music ordered to pay fine for DRM use

I just posted the article France: Warner music ordered to pay fine for DRM use.

  feedback10k used our news submit to tell us about some breaking news concerning Digital Rights Management coming from France. We know that  recently there has been some activity in the...
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“The court fined the music company 59,50 euros for the plaintiff’s damages and an additional 5000 euros as a punitive fine.” Wow! Will this ever bankrupt Warner Music!

59.50 + 5000 X xxx = yes

59.50 + 5000 X 1 = You got to be kidding!

So did they open the petty cash tin to pay the fine? :rTo Warner

Well, it won’t drive them under the bridge, but it still is a breach in the wall… isn’t it?

It’s not the fine that’s the important bit here it’s the fact they’re now banned from doing it ever again. It sets a very strong president for all types of media - film and music!