France tells MPAA where to go



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 eranros used our news submit      to tell us that the French appeal court has ruled in  favour of a John Doe who downloaded around 500 movies. The judge ruled that these  movies were private...
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In general I do not like french aproach to life :slight_smile: But in this case “Viva la France !” :slight_smile:


haaa-haaaww to teh MPAA :d


To me it is just French attitude of not liking anything American, especially movies and music (except Jerry Lewis, I guees) So this is no “true” decision, and I have no high hopes that other countries will follow.


I wonder if they are still upset about Disneyland and McDonalds? Pass the ketchup!


My opinion of the french just shot up 1000%…:X


“France seems to have a very fare (sic) and just system” how can it possibly be fair and just when a person is allowed to break the law without repercussion? unless of course france has very lax copyright laws :slight_smile: the methods RIAA/MPAA/whatnot uses are just retarded, and their claims as to how much downloading cost them in lost revenues are just ridiculous, but that doesn’t make this a fair and just decision a good ruling - indeed, a ruling I can agree with - absolutely, buit fair and just? nope siree “To me it is just French attitude of not liking anything American” doesn’t that go both ways? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the best decision the French have made since the government made all those Islamic people remove those stupid costumes before they goto school :g


I have no problem with French “attitude” - on occasion they ARE right - and this is the best decision they’ve made since they elected not to support George W’s militaristic silliness in the Middle East. The ruling is well balanced enough to have been made here in Canada. :slight_smile:
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I am French and I even like Hamburgers … so get back to real world and stop being parano !!!


Hey Roj, The French decision not to support George W’s war was based on the French Govt’s secret agenda with the Iraqi Govt. Let’s just say the French were worried about the economic loss of business deals with Iraq. Oh yeah France, i remember you tested Nukes off an island between Australia and New Zealand a few years back. Next time test them in your own fricken backyard!


I completely agree with the ruling. But…If French films become extremely popular in America and I download 500 of them, I expect to be let off by the French equivelant of their MPAA.


This is clear exploitation of the spirit of WTO free trade agreements. WTO endorsed punitive or retaliatory actions are always to be first taken against the exact same industry in the offending country. Since French films have no market to speak of in the U.S. (or the rest of the world outside of those who still wear zapatista hats for that matter), France gets a free one and can point to the miniscule tax (which byte for byte wouldn’t cover the cost of copyrighted material written on it unless the movies were encoded with a 20kpbs bitrate) as a good faith effort to avoid cross-industry retaliation. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the EU will drop to their knees and service France when it comes up for discussion in the WTO. SEATO is looking like a friendlier alternative to NATO all the time.


FreqNasty, you deserve an award for the most stupid reply we’ve seen for a long time ! But you are right, France was against the war because of economic reasons whereas the USA started the war because of the human rights ! Oh, by the way (before everybody flames me)… I am not French.


I never understood how buying CD-R that are taxed and using to copy music is illegal, now I know in 1 country it is not, now to get the US to do the same, too bad most do not buy music CD-R’s, so the effect would be neglible.


Hey Freqnasty, You may not be aware (tongue squarely in cheek) but George W. invaded Iraq for OIL, not to free the Iraqi people. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he did it to favor American econonic interests, albeit cloaked in the blatant hypocrisy of “freedom and the fight against terrorism”. Human rights had less than nothing to do with that junket, no more than the totally fabricated “weapons of ass destruction” did (the misspelling is intentional). To Jim Kiler: Now you know of two countries - Canada is another.
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Actually, the French do have a movie market in the good 'ol USA, it is called the Hollywood remake and copy machine. This machine has taken a large number of French made movies, ideas and concepts and recreated them Hollywood style . An example of direct rip off is “Three Men and a Baby” with Tom Selleck(unchanged from it’s French Concept movie). An example of a very poor remake/rewrite is a recently released movie with Queen Latifah as speed crazed New York Taxi driver(whose taxi cab changes into a speed machine on the move)/chaffeur to a policeman who cannot drive! No wonder, the language/culture concious French told the Americans where to go, and got very righteous about their attempts at illegal double taxing by the mpaa:X


True lies was also made after a French movie (La totale I think) Vanilla Sky after a spanish one (Abre los ojos) Tens (hundreds) of US movies are remakes of European flicks…


But you are right, France was against the war because of economic reasons whereas the USA started the war because of the human rights !
yeah right… oil oil oil …get the hint idiot?
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