France sees some of the toughest antipiracy laws yet drafted

I just posted the article France sees some of the toughest antipiracy laws yet drafted.

 Just when France  appeared like it was going to help consumers out by aiming to  legalise online file sharing, some of the  toughest anti-piracy laws yet have just been drafted in ...
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I’d go further and say that even discussing ways to bypass antipiracy laws and copyright protections in public in France ought to earn he/she forced abstinence with regards to sex and drink for at least five years.

wasnt France going the completely opposite the last week? whats w/ the complete 180?

i’m not familiar with france law… but maybe any party can draft law, but introducing and getting it passed is another thing. in the US, theres been some pretty rough laws proposed (worse then the existing ones), but they haven’t survived the process. same with Canada there was an article stating new copyright legislation was going to pass, but the fact of the matter was, we had a minority government, and nothing was really getting passed. maybe anyone can draft legislation, its a whole new ballgame when something actually gets introduced and passed.

>>>Software makers could be liable if their software is used for illicit purposes – whether the software was designed for peer-to-peer networks or office intranets. Isn’t that like saying the gun makers should be responsible if thier guns are used in a murder.

@Portmac Yes it is saying the same thing. I am quite amazed someone hasn’t used that argument before in an American court. You could also say that cars can be used to kill, or screwdrivers, hammers etc…

well, it’s a law & final. gun makers are NOT responsible for the any damages caused by guns. !@#$, yeah, it’s an America way :d i did not know French was into this; better shout out before it’s too late, French folks

Time for another revolution? Roll out the guillotine again.

Eh, never liked France to begin with! :S

enough with the French bashing-or any country/political trolling. Stay on topic

This gonna be yet another unworkable attempt, what they gonna do stop french people downloading such software? Only if a Europe-wide (or worldwide) system was adopted would it be workable. Such adoption IMO is unlikely and only likely to exist in the media-mafias wet dreams. Still if they grease enough palms of the monkeys in various governments who know what DRM/anti-fair use crap system well end up with.

The fact is that our (yes, I’m french) government tries to overpass the parliament, rushing it’s project to approval. At the moment, there’s a majority there for them, so it might well be accepted. They’re making amazing laws, these days. (it’d be off topic to talk about this, but… they prepair a wonderful job contract… for bosses !). The funny thing is that the last law about anti piracy has been examinated on… a night session… in late december… and only some modifications had been validated… by something like 30 against 28 votes in a parliament of… something like 577 people? Who simply werent here. Those modifications were the kinda pro p2p ones. One can easily imagine that our democratic government wasnt that happy with this and then stopped the process… until now ; they’re ready, they’ve modified the project again and now will try to enforce it quick. The only thing I hope is that it might contribute to make people think a little bit more when it comes to voting. BTW, sorry for the long post… but I thought it’d be interesting to give a point of view from the inside.

Just one more example of government for sale. Here again, we have industry lobbyists writing legislation. I see this problem is not unique to the USA. I had higher expectations of our European friends, however.

If it passes, there is a simple solution. All companies that makes software that could in any way break this law bans the sale or use of it’s software if France. I suspect the public outcry would cause the law to be changed very quickly!

Sorry man, I wasn’t making a political statement. No hard feelings? :slight_smile:

Implementing these dracionian style internet control laws is one thing, to police them is another! Oh well, these legislators, must be truly smoking, some very good stuff, to create these silly laws, either that or the bribes must be pretty large as well!!! Loll!, just think, a computer, that comes complete with a policeman permanently attached just to monitor it’s activities, truly amazing!(strange, I thought the existing undermanned french police force, was extremely busy with other day to day activities, and are not really paid to monitor breaches of copyright?) At this rate these incompetent legislators will, undoubtedly make a law to create a 72 hour day out of 24 hours !!!:S