France says 'non' to US DVD imports

I just posted the article France says ‘non’ to US DVD imports.

If people buy DVD’s with movies on it wich are not out in france yet are breaking the law. This according an acticle @ The Register.

France has effectively banned the import of US DVDs by…

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maybe they need some divx? or is that illegal too :wink:

but anywayz this sucks big time… but another question do these US dvd’s have dutch subtiltes? i never ordered one from amazon orso…

They say the “French Parliement”…

BUT did they ask anything to the consumer ? US ?

Nope, they call that democracy.

I prefer Anarchy then.

Enjoy. Fixx.

Viva la’ resistance!!!

resistance is futile we are the borg hehehhee


what about french kissing

and french fries?

hehe… damn it=) i hope sweden does not do the same thing… otherwise DivX :wink:

or maby 3ivX =) or its probably not that good of an idea… my computer sucks as!!! =(


to ikke-cds : I order almost all my DVD’s in the US. I haven’t seen one with dutch subtitels. Most region 1 DVD’s have english, french and spanish spoken languages. And english for the hearing impaired and spanish subtitels.


Frenchs sux0rs !
whatever they do…

and french fries are actually Belgians

Hey ehm, it’s


I see the beggining of a new black market in France…

me too :slight_smile: and i will be there…

I’m French, and it’s a real shit this law! I do want to see films and our gov does not he do. You’re rght, it’s not democracy, it’s Money that rules the world.

Hi guys,
I’m french and would like to specify that we still can import DVD’s thanks to the EU. We can’t by Region 1 DVD’s anymore in online shops or virgin megastore but still in other EU countries like Luxembourg.
I have the luck to work there so this law is totally pointless ! I still have the right to buy it and bring it with me in France.

Just one thing to finish, we say “Vive la resistance !” and not “Viva” :-).

French RULEZ !!

If you don’t know, it’s a french man that did divx;-)

(btw i’m french )

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