France is pushing a law to zap DRM & add fines for illegal P2P



I just posted the article France is pushing a law to zap DRM & add fines for illegal P2P.

 So far,  France is having quite a tough time deciding on what to allow or prohibit in its  proposed version of the EUCD.  An earlier amendment in France aimed at legalising  the use of file...
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Make up your mind France…


Yeah it’s getting boring now.


How odd, you moan when the rest of the world is trying to strangle you and you moan when one country is trying to get rid of DRM.


I highly doubt that Itunes would pull out of France. The almighty $$$ rules and Apple would not willingly lose a penny of that $$$ from the French market as the shareholders would probably riot in the street with the thought that they were throwing away money. :B I would like to see Hollywood also pull out of the French market with their movies because they can’t put DRM on them, but something tells me that they won’t pull out either because its too profitable not to sell there.


I think the proposal sounds great.