France aims to disconnect pirates

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Governments across Europe continue to look at new ways to battle Internet piracy, though realistic methods have been far and few between. A somewhat popular method is to force Internet service…

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And it will make no difference whatsoever, doesn’t anyone in government get it? They’re only downloading it because they can and it’s for free. If they had to buy it, they wouldn’t, it’s that magic little word ‘free’. So the music and film industries will be no better off.

So how long of time period is in between these 3 times. If you d/l 10 songs, and each of the 3 times is for the first three songs, then since you downloaded an additional 7, you will get kicked from the internet?

“Artists need to make a living,” said Jean-Francois Cope, who is the head of the UMP party legislators. “We are ruining them. We must react and have the courage to take our responsibilities.”

That’s funny! The artists WOULD be making a living if it were not for the crooked recording labels and how they screw over their own talent, skimming most of the profits for themselves with lucrative and unfair contracts. E.G. they don’t give a fair share to the artists when they sell a download. This is common knowledge. Then the “little” money they do make, I see the government taxes them. I guess that is ok though…I guess they also think we forgot about the tax they put on recordable media and all MP3 players, that all the French people have to pay now, regardless if they use their burnable media for music or photos. The law stated that 75% of the money was to go to royalty groups for distribution to the artists and the other 25% was to be used to encourage new talent! LOOOOL I wonder how that is going? How much talent have they found and who are they? How much money form CD and DVD and MP3 players do the artists get? I have a feeling- NONE!

I would think the handful of artists out there making money from recording groups would be setting pretty with all that tax money in their pocket!

Complete load of crap. Artists make mainly money from their live concerts. Piracy is HELPING artists make money because most “pirate” fan is also going to the concert sooner or later, not the opposite.

The only ones suffering a bit from it are the recording labels and they deserve to get kicked in the nuts for, let’s say it frankly, stealing from the real artists.

I’m sure the ISPs are happy to waste resources on tracking down alleged pirates , NOT! If they’re forced to do this then kiss cheap broadband prices goodbye,

WOW this makes me so mad! I wrote a blog about this and I think I really am asking some good questions about this law! I can’t believe this.