France adopts three strike piracy policy

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The French Senate took another step forward in its attempt to battle against repeat offender Internet pirates, after announcing that a proposed “three strikes” law only has one hurdle left…

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Last time I checked, people needed food, clothing, and shelter. That’s it. When did the internet become a necessity? What, you can’t live without downloading porn or Madonna’s newest CD? What a sad society we’ve become. Anyone see that South Park episode where the internet is broken? Just imagine the chaos.

wow. so great news!!

The funniest thing of all is that the recordDVD retailers etc. won’t sell one extra DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD or Music Download because of this law. Even if piracy completely stopped people will work out different ways to get what they want, copy their mates CDDVD etc. etc. Just like life always finds a way, so do pirates…

So to echo Dukes post, the French should perhaps worry about feeding, clothing and housing their population rather than pandering to the wants of a few who are worried about not being able to afford their new Rolls Royce.

How they gonna do that, as match as downloading a webpage could already be declared illegal. Everything is the property of somebody. The creation of a webpage is also copyrighted, wath about that. If this law is passed it wil be the beginning of the end of the internet. Down loading emails send to you is also copyrighted, it is the property of the sender. Is that ill egal. I demand!!!

Before the big download craze we used to swap CD’s full of ‘warez’ and muzak. Before that it was floppies. Before that it was mix tapes. Before that…well you get my drift. Sneakerware will make a come back. Except it will be flash drives drives full of the latest everything being swapped.

Good luck enforcing this one froggies. “Pirates will first receive an e-mail warning them to stop pirating copyrighted material, then will have their Internet access terminated.” You can be pretty sure that once a pirate receives the he4ads up that “the man” is on to them, they’ll change their id or hide in some way.

"The French government will create a new agency designed to deal with anti-piracy issues, along with educating the public about anti-piracy laws. Furthermore, the government will urge companies to install measures so employees are not able to easily share content."
Oh great, more bureaucracy and increased hindrance to free enterprise and business. That’ll help the economic woes of the nation for sure. :doh: