Frames/synch issues



Hi I am using 5120 and I conver Generic xvid mp3.

I have noticed that when DVDFAB scans the disk it is choosing 24 frames which plays jittery it is fine if I choose 25 frames.

Also The Tatooist is out of synch. Yet if I code it with Nero its fine but I cant use Nero as for some reason I have music but no voices.

Help please.




Please try 5205, which has fixed the fps output logic.

Also The Tatooist is out of synch.

What your mean is this Disc have any a/v sync problem ?


When making an avi the speech is not synchonised with the mouth movement on this one movie.



Also I am trying to encode Their eyes were watching god and this one has been going for 20 minutes and it says it has got 4 hrs to go.

It is encoding at 10 fps.