Frames missing



HI guys!

I burned a full dvdr ntsc(ts_folder) ,but when i play it it looks like the frame rate is wrong,a sort of choppy image.
It is watchable but just does not look smooth.
some ntsc work fine,but i get this problem sometimes and do not know why!!
Can ayone shed some light on this issue,please!



Probably you should use better media.


Burning slower sometimes helps as well.


thx for the replys
Its none of those guys…I always burn slow a poss,and have used different media…
this is realy doing my head!!..I used to think it was my stand alone player but realised it plays both pal and ntsc.
anyone else have any ideas?


What software are you using to encode. How much data are you trying to fit on a dvd. What bitrate are you using. What media brands are you trying.