Framerate problem

I am using avc2avi to convert the raw h264 file to avi I set the fps to 29.970 but after that’s been converted i checked the fps and it’s 29.969 not 29.970. Why is that? since it’s not the correct fps my final video isn’t sync with the audio. The original file is 29.970. How can I make avc2avi to convert with 29.970 fps?

Try another converter (IE Super) to check if it’s the codecs or the program causing this issue.

Oh Super fixed it but it doesn’t have the option of using 2 pass xvid. Is there another program that can use 2pass xvid?

I dunno, tried googling around lately?

Yes I believe that DVDFABPlatinum does this. Not postive but you could check it out.:iagree: