I have a DVD (Region 4) of the film VERTIGO. I would love to be able to capture frames from it for study purposes. But it won’t let me! For example, if I freeze-frame a suitable-image while I am playing the DVD, and then try and copy the screen (e.g., by using the PrtSc key and then opening the result in IrfanView), the film screen itself is blank. This happens even when I run the DVD and AnyDVD in conjunction.

Is there a way of overcoming this? If not, would the AnyDVD people think of incorporating some suitable de-coding procedure into their product (which works so well in letting me back-up commercial movies)?

Thanks - Ken52

Ken52 -

Are you aware that you are posting in the AnyDVD Forum? The AnyDVD software program is not a Screen Capture software program.

Suggest using one of the DVD Playing/Viewing software programs similar to PowerDVD ( or WinDVD ( and use the “Capture Frame” function of these DVD Playing/Viewing software programs.


PC players like PowerDVD and Nero Showtime have “capture frame” features that will allow you to do this. :slight_smile:

Yes, ‘BeLooken’. Seemed logical to me. AnyDVD overcomes copy-protection during playing. My question asked whether the AnyDVD people would consider extending its function to overcoming copy-protection during frame-capture (obtained during a play).

Thanks for information, guys - Ken

BeLooken [I]did[/I] answer your question. :confused: It’s the same thing. AnyDVD already does that. Now just use PowerDVD player to capture still frames in bitmap format. If you think you can’t, you are just imagining a problem that doesn’t exist.

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Success ‘sockeye’. Thanks so much. I found I had Nero Showtime in an OEM version, but not installed. I have now installed it and though it doesn’t have sound (separate plug-in required), that’s okay. I was able to make a frame-capture from VERTIGO and save it in IrfanView as a .jpg file. (But I have made a note to myself that for some DVDs, e.g., from Regions other than Region 4 where I live - in Australia - I may indeed have to use AnyDVD IN CONJUNCTION WITH Nero Showtime.)

Gratitude - Ken

And to ‘Whisperer 1’ - I was answering the post of ‘BeLooken’ in which he asked: was I aware that I was posting on the AnyDVD Forum? I simply answered ‘yes’, and explained WHY I was posting there!

Happiness - Ken

Ken52 -

Possibly I did not explain thoroughly. I was asking why you were posting your question in the AnyDVD Forum because the AnyDVD software program is not Screen Capturing or Frame Capturing software program and your question had nothing to do with the functions of the AnyDVD software program.

I was attempting to inform you that you needed to use a DVD Playing/Viewing software program similar to PowerDVD, WinDVD or similar program if you are attempting Frame Capturing because Frame Capturing is not a function of AnyDVD software program.

As Whisperer1 points out the AnyDVD software program when using Playing/Viewing software program similar to PowerDVD, WinDVD does in fact already remove Region Coding and Copy Protections to allow software program similar to PowerDVD, WinDVD to function properly.

You are totally correct that if your hardware devices (DVD Burner) is locked to Region 4 and if you are attempting to work on Commercial DVDs of any Region other than of Region 4 you are going to need to use AnyDVD or similar program to remove the Region Coding and Copy Protections before proceeding.