Frame Resolution

I have a question about the frame resolution settings (under configure tab in Dvd to Mobile). What are the various settings for?
I have a 320x240 ipod, but will converting it to 320x240 make it look grainier on an external tv?

Great software

what is the bitrate? and what size tv?


The various settings are to allow users to fine tune the conversion for their particular device and preferences. If you watch most movies with your iPod plugged into a TV, use a larger screen size. To get an indication of quality, look at the bits/pixel column (larger number=better quality). You’ll see that as the screen size goes up the bits/pixel goes down unless you increase the video bitrate (which makes the file larger). Try to make tradeoffs that keep the bits/pixel above 0.2 or so. I do all my conversions at 0.4 to 0.6 and they look excellent. Experiment by making 1 or 2 chapter conversions using different size/bitrate settings to see what suits your setup and preferences.